Good morning Dr Deepa, thank you so much for the opportunity to do the liver cleanse this week, it has been great being back under your tutelage – albeit remotely! I definitely feel lighter (although I don’t keep scales in the house so I wouldn’t know what lbs I’ve lost) and I think the stubborn kapha I’ve been unable to shift since the winter months (mucus, slight loss of smell and taste) has significantly improved. I’ve learnt that I detox quite well as I don’t seem to get many adverse side affects – only a mild dull headache on around day 2/3. The purgation is always swift and fast – I don’t need to be very far from the bathroom! Thank you again for the opportunity and I hope our paths cross (in person) again someday and I can make it back to Ayurveda Pura soon.  Pranam dear Dr Deepa – VA (UK)

Good morning Dr. Deepa, first of all wanted to thank you for organising the liver cleanse program with really easy to follow instructions and recipes to cook, and I am really glad I took part.
It was also mentally easier to be in a group, reading other people’s feedback and experience. The changes that I noticed during and after the cleanse:
Improved sleep
Appetite improved
Feeling like having a brand new GUT, light and totally comfortable
Regular stool
Skin texture and complexion improved
Body feels light Energy levels improved
Easier to wake up in the morning and feeling energetic  Mood improved
Anxiety dramatically decreased
Tongue without coating
Sugar Craving gone
Thank you!! – L.V (UK)

Well, thank you for one of the best birthday presents I could have! I feel fantastic. Over the course of the last week I have lost 6lb. I think that’s mostly water that was stuck in the tissues predominantly around my hips, thighs and knees but also a little around my tummy. That may explain why I was getting such pain in my lower body earlier in the week. I have lots of energy (I’ve noticed this from Friday onwards) and I feel much calmer in myself. My skin is super-soft particularly on my face. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience an Ayurvedic cleanse under expert guidance and support. J.E (UK)

My cleanse update 3:1 Kg lost, caffeine addiction gone, I feel fabulous, firm resolve to carry on at a pace with weight loss. I have a more balanced appetite. Thank you so much Deepa this was so much more detailed & effective than anything I could have done on my own. M.M (UK)