Dosha: Kapha

The Essence of Kapha: Water and Earth

Kapha Dosha, embodying stability and nurturance, arises from the confluence of water and earth elements. It plays a pivotal role in the body's lymphatic and immune systems, fostering growth and maintenance of health. The presence of Kapha Dosha within a person is discernible through various distinctive traits:

  • Heaviness: Characterised by a deep voice, a predisposition towards weight gain, and a substantial physique, including dense bones and muscles.
  • Coolness: Manifests as cool skin, a vulnerability to colds, and a slow metabolism that results in diminished hunger and thirst.
  • Softness: Seen in smooth skin and hair, soft nails, and a gentle, compassionate demeanour.
  • Oiliness: Evident in a naturally lubricated body, including the skin, hair, and joints, facilitating flexibility and movement.
  • Sweetness: A marked preference for sweet foods and beverages, contributing to a robust state of bodily construction.
  • Stability: Exhibits as patience, calmness, decisiveness, and an inclination towards sedentary pursuits like reading or watching television.
  • Sliminess: Notable for excessive salivation and thick, viscous secretions during illness, alongside well-lubricated joints that ensure mobility.

Kapha's regulatory scope encompasses critical bodily functions and attributes, including:

  • Physical strength and structural integrity
  • Health maintenance and longevity
  • Joint health, through the production and maintenance of synovial fluid
  • The senses of smell and taste
  • Body growth, anabolism, and regeneration
  • Sexual vitality and fertility
  • Emotional stability and resilience
  • Nutritional assimilation and fluid balance
  • Immune system efficiency and disease resistance
  • Overall sense of satisfaction and tolerance