Ayurvedic Consultation (In-Person or Online) 60 minutes
Ayurveda Yoga Wellbeing with Dr. Deepa

Ayurvedic Consultation (In-Person or Online) 60 minutes

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Unlock Inner & Outer Wellness with In-Person or Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation: Your Path to Wellness

Embrace the journey to wellness with our in-person or remote Ayurvedic health consultation. Provided by Dr Deepa, this in-depth session allows you to explore your unique dosha, discuss health concerns and receive a bespoke Ayurvedic lifestyle plan.

Discover Your Dosha: A Personalized Approach to Health

Unlock the secrets of Ayurveda and discover your dosha, or mind-body type, with the expert guidance of Dr. Deepa. Through your consultation, you will gain valuable insights into your unique constitution and understand how it influences your health and well-being.

Craft Your Bespoke Plan for Optimal Health

Dr. Deepa will carefully analyze your dosha, health concerns, and lifestyle to craft a bespoke plan just for you. This personalized approach addresses your specific needs and empowers you to make positive changes for optimal health.

Expert Advice on Health, Diet, and Lifestyle

During the consultation, Dr. Deepa will provide expert advice on various aspects of your well-being. From addressing health issues to recommending dietary adjustments and lifestyle modifications, you will receive comprehensive guidance for a balanced life.

Embrace the Convenience of Remote Consultation

Dr. Deepa also offers remote Ayurvedic health consultation for convenience of receiving expert guidance from the comfort of your home. No matter where you are located, you can access the transformative benefits of Ayurveda through our online platform.

How to Book Your Ayurvedic Consultation

Facilitating your Ayurvedic consultation reservation has been designed to be a straightforward and efficient process. To initiate the booking, kindly select your preferred mode: 'In-Person' or 'Online'. Upon selection, proceed to add the chosen session to your cart, allowing you to specify your precise preferences. Following the purchase, our team will reach out to you via phone call or email within 48 hours to coordinate the scheduling of your consultation at your convenience. Embrace the initial stride towards comprehensive well-being as you set forth on a profound expedition of self-exploration and recuperation.

Consultation Details:

  • Approximately an hour
  • Questions will be asked on:
  • Any history in the past
  • Medication presently taking
  • Presenting symptoms and complaints
  • Main reason of consultation and details
  • Every day lifestyle
  • Every day habits like food, sleep, activities etc.
  • Food related details
  • Other questions regarding every routine and lifestyle

Based on the above a therapy plan will be put together which will be sent via email. Therapy plan will include all five approaches based on Ayurveda: foods, herbs, massages, daily activity, daily routine changes

Therapy plan will be emailed.

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