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Ayurvedic Therapist Course

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  • History of Ayurveda.
  • 5 Element Theory - Macro & Micro Universe
  • Body Tissues and Channels (Srotas)
  • 3 Humours of the Body (Doshas) - Vata, Pitta & Kapha 
  • Constitution of the Body and its clinical diagnosis
  • Diseases of the 3 Doshas - Vata, Pitta & Kapha
  • Marma Points, their anatomy, location and symptoms
  • Ayurvedic massage and other treatments, along with contra-indications
  • Ayurvedic treatments:
  • Body treatments like Udvartana, Gharshana,
  • Face and head treatments along with Saundarya
  • Foot and hand treatments,
  • Back treatments including Kati Basti etc
  • Pinda Sveda, Samvahana
  • Eye treatments, Shirodhara
  • Methods of preparing herbal combinations for tailor made treatments including poultices, Churnas for treatments etc

What are students say about this course:

"My first course with Dr Deepa at Ayurveda Pura was 5 years ago - Ayurvedic face lift massage course. I was amazed how much of a difference this facial made to all my clients.  I loved the facial course so much I returned to complete the Ayurvedic therapists course plus many more other courses, once you start learning with Dr Deepa you don’t want to stop.

Dr Deepa is truly inspirational teacher and mentor, always there to help even 5 years on."

Amanda Fredericks-Crook

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