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Basics of Yoga Philosophy - Webinar

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Basics of Yoga Philosophy Part 1

(2 Hour Webinar)

Practising Yoga is great! But if you don't have the basic background knowledge of why Asana are done the way they are or where the origins of this great science lie, then it defeats the whole purpose of practice itself.

Join us for this very interesting webinar covering basics of Yoga Philosophy

Webinar Content:

  • Origin of Yoga
  • Why Yoga?
  • History of Yoga
  • Role or Shiva and Parvati in the whole practice of Yoga
  • Role of the ancient scriptures or Vedas In Yoga
  • Various Types of Yoga practice and why they are essential
  • Understanding importance of Yoga away from the yoga mat
  • Four ages or Yuga in Vedic science and their importance
  • Importance of Jnana or knowledge in yoga
  • Importance or Karma or action in Yoga

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