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Folding Droni Massage Table inc. Square Headrest/Cover

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Ayurvedic foldable Massage Table. Water and Oil Resistant

Stable, strong and long-lasting. Their ability to fold and lighter weight makes it easy for transportation

  • Raised outer edges on table surface for Shirodhara and Ayurvedic massages, allowing oil to be collected and not spill on to the floor.
  • Oil resistant surface, which is easily cleaned foldable.
  • Comes with a free matching Shirodhara headrest which allows Shirodhara oil to be collected and flow away in a single stream of oil
  • Stable build, so massage experience is excellent
  • The table is of such high quality that it does not shake and is almost as good as a fixed stand table.

  • Additional Information:

    Weight: 17kgs

    Adjustable Height: 60-86cm

    Full Size: 202cm x 80cm

    Folded Size: 101cm x 80cm x 20cm

    Colour: Burgundy (Dark Red)

    The couch is made with normal foam that is used in the Furniture industry. It consists of 35 mm central firm foam, 10 mm soft foam and 15 mm fleece.

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