Ginger & Lemon Zest™ Tea
Holistic Essentials

Ginger & Lemon Zest™ Tea

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Experience the sensory delight of Holistic Essentials' Herbal Blend, featuring warming ginger, zesty lemon, and invigorating lemongrass with hints of citrusy orange peel. This Ayurvedic detox tea is expertly formulated to balance Doshas, promoting digestion and cleansing, making it ideal for any time of day or evening.

Product Details:

  • Contents: Each box includes 20 sachets of tea bags and tags, thoughtfully packaged in eco-friendly materials.
  • Purity Pledge: Holistic Essentials hand selects 100% Certified Organic herbs, carefully sourced from around the world and subjecting them to rigorous testing to ensure purity and safety.

How to Use:

  • Steep a tea bag in a cup of boiling water for a minimum of 6 minutes.
  • Enjoy this cleansing tea at any time of the day, especially beneficial before or after meals.

Environmentally-friendly Packaging:

  • Holistic Essentials' eco-friendly tea box of 20 envelopes comes in a resealable box with tea bag strings and tags.
  • Packaging is fully recyclable, and we use no plastic, aligning with our commitment to environmental consciousness.

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