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Neroli Oil

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Embrace the Sophistication of Floral Aromas with Holistic Essentials' Neroli Flower Essential Oil

Step into the world of the Neroli flower through the 100% pure Neroli Essential Oil by Holistic Essentials. Celebrated for its unique and enchanting Neroli fragrance, this oil offers a luxurious, revitalizing aroma that simultaneously soothes and uplifts the spirit.

Inside Each Bottle:

Find 10ml of the meticulously crafted Neroli Essential Oil by Holistic Essentials, cherished for its skin-enriching properties and the distinctively serene neroli aroma.

Suggested Uses:

  • Skin Care Bliss: Enhance your bath with 4-6 drops of Neroli Essential Oil to experience the Neroli flower's skin-benefitting qualities in full.
  • Soothing Massages: Mix with a carrier oil for a massage that not only eases tension but also surrounds you with a calming, floral atmosphere.
  • Elevate Your Space: A few drops in a diffuser or oil burner can transform any room, lifting the mood and demonstrating the versatile appeal of Neroli oil.

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