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Rose Otto Oil

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Immerse Yourself in the Luxurious Aroma of Damask Rose with Holistic Essentials' Pure Rose Otto Oil

Embark on an aromatic voyage with Holistic Essentials' 100% Pure Rose Otto Oil, extracted from the exquisite petals of the Damask Rose. This essential oil boasts a rich, sweet floral scent that wraps you in a comforting, sensual atmosphere, providing nourishment for your skin and tranquility for your mind during stressful moments.

What's Inside the Bottle:

Every carefully prepared bottle holds 10ml of Holistic Essentials' Rose Otto Essential Oil, treasured in aromatherapy for its effectiveness and purity. Crafted through steam distillation, our process captures the true essence of the Damask Rose.

Usage Tips:

  • Aromatic Inhalation: For an aromatic treat, add 4-6 drops into steaming water and inhale the vapor to experience the clarifying effects of Pure Rose Otto oil on your mind and respiratory system.
  • Relaxing Massage: Combine with a carrier oil for a massage that eases muscle tension and fosters mental relaxation.
  • Creating a Serene Environment: Enhance your living space's atmosphere with a few drops in a diffuser or oil burner, setting a peaceful mood and introducing the distinct difference between Rose Otto and Rose Geranium scents.

Rose Otto Hydrosol: Besides the oil, consider the Rose Otto hydrosol for a milder, refreshing option that still offers the delightful benefits of the Rose essence.

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