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Secrets and Therapeutic Applications of Tulsi - Holy Basil

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Tulsi is one of the most revered plant in the vedic principles.

If Turmeric is the Queen of all the Herbs/Spices, then Tulsi is the Queen- Mother of all Herbs and Spices. It has so many hidden properties, benefits, and effects. Tulsi isnt just for adults, but also for children. .

Just like Turmeric, Tulsi should be another herb that should be widely used by everyone! It has very good, antibacterial antifungal antiviral blood cleansing, organ strengthening properties. .


  • Introduction to Tulsi
  • Mythological Importance of Tulsi
  • Therapeutic applications of Tulsi
  • Tulsi for Children
  • Beauty Benefits of Tulsi
  • Health Benefits for Men
  • Health Benefits for women
  • Uses in Digestive, Respiratory, Auto Immune, Skin and Cardio-Vascular diseases

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