Vaastu Consultation
Ayurveda Yoga Wellbeing with Dr. Deepa

Vaastu Consultation

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Vaastu Consultation

Did you know Fengshui finds it roots in Vaastu, the Vedic Science of directions, spaces, architecture and energies within them.

Sometimes bringing small changes within living spaces brings a huge change in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Vaastu has also been used for health related benefits.

In this 1 hour consultation Dr. Apte will assess and advise on:

  • Basics of Vaastu.
  • Relation of Vaastu with Ayurveda Yoga and Jyotish
  • Basics of Vaastu of a living space, example where should a kitchen be or how one should sleep etc.
  • Integrating Vaastu 
  • Integrating Vaastu for physical health and well being

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