Ayurvedic or Indian Way of Making Coffee

We all need a coffee boost once in a while. But what if the coffee you have made has more Sattvic qualities rather than the usual dry and heating effect? And it tastes great too!

Prep time 5 minutes approximately

O Coffee 1 teaspoon
Hot Milk
Hot Water
Nutmeg 1/5th teaspoon
Cardamom a pinch
Sugar to taste

coffee 2Add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee to a mug.
Add 1/5th cup of hot water.
Whisk the hot water and coffee with a spoon together as if you were beating an egg.
Add 1/5th cup hot semi skimmed milk.
Whisk them all together until it starts going frothy.
Add hot water to fill up the cup.
Add sugar if you want to add any.
And now the most important part, add a pinch-ful of Cardamom or Nutmeg or both! Mix well.
And now comes the most fun bit. Take another mug and pour the whole coffee into it from a height as if you were mixing up two liquids.
Repeat it three to four  times from one mug to another.

And there you go you will have one of the smoothest, creamiest tasting coffees! And it’s very light too.

Adding cardamom or nutmeg helps to get rid of the heating and drying properties of coffee. These spices are also very good for reducing Pitta and Vata Doshas.

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