Agni: The Centre Of Ayurveda

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Agni is digestive fire.

Agni Digestive Fire Ayurveda

It literally is our digestive capacity, digestive enzymes.

Traditional Ayurveda puts aside all the so called vata pitta kapha talk, and sometimes our aim is to solely focus on the Agni.

If Agni becomes weak, this will lead to ama or toxins in the body. Ama is to root cause of ailments and disease.

Hence the best way to get rid of diseases is to get rid of ama which in turns means to strengthen the digestive fire or Agni.

Just the way the earth revolves around the sun our lives revolve around our agni or digestive fire.

We are always following the path of agni or fire literally every day. The moment the sun, the biggest ball of fire we know, wakes up we wake up. When the sun goes to sleep we go to sleep.

Many activities followed are in turn to strengthen the fire. Sun salutations aren't just saluting the sun on the outside but also saluting the sun on the inside which is the Agni.

Fasting in turn helps to stimulate Agni

Bhastrika, breath of fire and kapalabhati cleansing breath exercise also help to strengthen the agni or fire.

Indirectly our aim is to nourish the Agni or fire so that there is no illness in the body.

A true Ayurvedic Practitioner isn't limited by vata pitta kapha Doshas, she/ he looks much further wider away from these doshas/ faults to be able to bring true health and balance.

And one of those aspects is Agni.

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